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May 16 2018

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ALSO HAVE SOME REBIRTH JASON DOOBLES I wish they kept the white streak cries blood


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May 15 2018



i go absolutely ape shit buck wild when people ask me if i want to run errands with them like Let’s Fucking Go. and my mind absolutely maxes out of dopamine when they ask if i wanna stop for coffee. and if someone took me to the park id go bonkers in funcking yonkers

i got so high last night that i started ghostwriting for a golden retriever apparently

May 14 2018





me when offered soda: yes. love the bübblés
me when offered water: yes! a fresh and sexy beverage
me when offered sparkling water: Why Are You Trying To Murder Me Under The Guise Of Hospitality

I’m gonna keep saying it: sparkling water is Angry Water and I do not need that kind of negativity in my life

Sparkling water is like sprite except instead of sugar they use hatred and sadness

In Dutch it’s prikwater and I don’t think that’s wrong.


Hey if I ever like or reblog something from your intra-fandom nemesis or whatever pls don’t hate me or think I’m taking sides because straight up I don’t know wtf kind of Greek tragedies are playing out in this fandom half the time







You, an intellectual: 9+7=16

Me, with ADHD: if you take 1 from 9 and give it to 7 thats 8+8 and 8x2 is 16

Someone, usually a Teacher: NOT LIKE THAT YOU HEATHEN

This is literally how I would have done it

9 is a hungry bitch and takes one from 7, making it 10+6=16


That is normal math and when will the faculty staff finally reach the conclusion that everyone is different.

this is how my brain with dyscalculia does math. the kids are doing it now in school and I’m like, STOP THAT IT’S SO MUCH HARDER why would they do that to kids?

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I’m rewatching the Batman Animated Series. 

Behold the cutie-pie birbs!

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Today at class when I was drawing this and I dropped the hint that Robin might be becoming my favorite, EVERYONE JUMPED AT MY NECK
They were all like “BUT BEAST BOY, BUT RAVEN?!?!?!?!”
And I was like YES YES YES LIKE I SAID BEFORE I LOVE EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM ALRIGHT but Robin is such a nice leader for a change, that it makes me like him a lot. Like idk, most leaders of teams in stories nowadays are kind of bitchy, and mean, and arrogant… but Dick does care, and worries about his friends, and is scared, and excited, and angry, and sometimes he is not able to take it all alone, and he says sorry, you know, he experiences emotions, like, wow, a human. Astounding. He deserves a lot more love kay he is a good boy, we should aknowledge that a bit more

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based on this

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A baby bird smashed with a crowbar

fan art

May 13 2018

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so this is why i haven’t been posting for four days

it’s really jerky i’m sorry, i always have trouble with animation, but i love doing it even though it is hell and i’m never doing it again (and by that i mean maybe six months)

(and i totally took the background from google images but i just couldn’t bother with drawing it after the actual animation had absorbed my will to live sorry)


jason is the prettiest anime girl




Now that I’m studying bio, may I just say how fervently I wish my primary association with the words “alpha, beta, omega” was literally anything other than what it is

My nutrition professor was talking about vitamins and said, “the only reason you all even know the words alpha and omega is because of sororities,” and I wanted so badly to raise my hand and be like “if you’re gonna be a dick for some reason, please let me explain to you in depth my immediate connotations for those words”

“and speaking of dicks… funny story there.”

May 12 2018





dc animators only know how to draw one man but by god that won’t stop them.

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I’ve recently rekindled my love for DC (ie Robin)

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Sometimes I feel like Jason just needs his own dog. Like Dogmeat (no joke, that is the name) from Fallout 4 who is indestructible, loves you unconditionally, and can occasionally find you ammo.

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