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July 06 2017

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akehoshi subaru in rebellion star

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☆ 『Rebellion Star』 ☆

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it’s halloween now i don’t make the rules

July 05 2017

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“ugh… I want to die”

Midori Takamine Little Kings set, I love this so much

July 02 2017







i’m convinced that the ice age franchise won’t end until the squirrel that always chases after the nut gets an equally hideous girlfriend with Squirrel Tits™ and eyelashes

no….. No


No you don’t understand, I have this entire developed theory about the Ice Age universe which has been cooking up in my mind and has only be reinforced by the latest 5th installment.
Scrat is the god of the Ice age universe. The story began with him and the story will end with him. If there weren’t hints before, in this latest installment, it becomes clear that Scrat’s actions dictate what happens on Earth and to the protagonists. Yes, maybe Scart’s only goal is to get the nut, but his actions SHAPE what happens in the film.
If we needed any further proof then may I point out something Buck said in the 5th film along the lines of “we’re 6 mins early! Somebody up there likes us!”
That phrase is usually used to refer to a god and in this case it’s used to refer (unknowingly) to scrat!

However, there is an ALTERNATE theory that I have been working on. What if Scart isn’t the god of the ice age universe, but rather, the NUT is? As i have already said, Scart’s actions shape the course of the story but what motivates Scart? That’s right: the nut, it is truly because of the nut that Scart does what he does that leads to the events that take place in the story.
This would create an interesting metaphor here. Scrat is chasing the nut like man chases divinity.
So when will the Ice Age saga end?? When Scart finally gets the nut for good. When man catches God.

i didnt even read this but im laughing at how many times scrat is typoed as scart

“what motivates Scart? That’s right: the nut” is the funniest fucking string of words I’ve read in my life

June 30 2017

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new enstars boy

June 29 2017

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“In ‘Duel’, Knights’ queen would be me… Arashi Narukami ♪

You may kneel before me! Raise your voices in joy! I am your queen, bow down before me, if you please! Ahahahaha☆”


me, in 90+ degree weather: please, let me rest
my brain: [banging pots and pans together] NO BLANKET NO SLEEP

June 28 2017


when keith was little, shiro planned a camping trip as a sort of way to bond more and keith purposely ate dirt and random plants he found when shiro wasn’t looking as soon as they would get to the camping site just to purposely make himself sick so they could go home bc he didn’t want to spend an entire weekend with shiro in the middle of the bumfuck texas desert

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June 27 2017

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Things I hate in video games: looking for the path that goes up the mountain

[Spitefully just walks against the mountain and continues to do so until I’m glitching into it so hard that the game crashes]


it’s so weird that women are seen as emotional and melodramatic when all the men i know are the most unbelievably melodramatic people on earth and also every time i express an emotion as a woman i feel guilty and apologize profusely but I’ve literally never once heard a man apologize for expressing an emotion even though they throw literal temper tantrums all the time 

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This is definitely the worst thing I’ve ever been slut shamed over

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